Clearwater Lights Darla Installation on Bonneville.

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Please read the Disclaimer and terms before proceeding. These operations need to be performed by certified technicians.


Well we finally did get our hands on Darla series by Clear water lights and the first thing that comes to our mind is Wow. Not just for the quality, customer service but also the cost. At a steeping cost of $499 plus shipping of average $60 and customs reaching upto 200 plus dollars. You get Darla in your life at an whooping $700; just convert it to current exchange rate for Indian Rupees.

Now if you do finally gather up enough courage to buy these lights we are sure you won’t be disappointed with them. They literally light up the sky with a whooping 4000 plus lumens; being produced by 24W each that can be volume controlled from Intensity of 5% to 100% approximately

After installing Darla Before Installing Darla





Here are images of before and after Darla installation. Thats how much these lights help. Once this 7 ounces CNC machined beauty is installed.


Well the installation was not that difficult once you get the diagram. We took help from Veteran Zubin Ponnapa of Zubin Design Mumbai who was courteous enough to help us over the phone. Here is what you need to know:-



Electrical connection:

There is no need to peel or cut any wires since the wire joints are connected via Posi Tabs provided in the kit :- The tabs when attached and screwed together with the wires between them they automatically peel a slice of the wire inside and a connection between them is ensured; you just need to put the wire inside the grooves and close the tab. This would be the only time you would be touching the electrical wiring of the bike. Where does this happen ? Well this is where you connect two wires ( see diagram in your manual) inside the headlight casing, to the main bulbs on your bike. This would control how the lights work. We connected one wire to the high beam and other to the low beam. ( since low beam is always on i.e. even when the high beam is on). Now what that did was that the lights turn on when we go on high beam and the pass switch works on full intensity as a safety warning when we need to warn somebody.

You may need help in knowing which wires in the H4 connectors of the Headlight are for High beam and low beam. Usually its the one that facing up (vertical) on the right.

  • The rest of the connections were simple as connecting all the same coloured wires together.
  • We reduced the lengths of the wire by cutting short the wire and put about one ft of extra wiring in the headlight casing.
  • The tank did not have to be removed and we managed to put the wires in from inside the loops from where the rest of the wiring went. ( Always start from headlight and move towards the battery)
  • While connecting the wires to the battery always remember that the black terminal (+ve) of the battery comes out first and then the red (-ve).

Physical Fitting:

We used the front indicator relocators from TRI to fit the lights. The holes on the front of the bracket fit the lights bracket perfectly. Adding a couple of washers and nuts which we bought from the market helped it secure to the bracket. The height where the bracket is placed was not too low for damage while off road and neither too high to effect the light output angle.

Take away:

We feel much safer after installing these lights. The lights increase visibility, tremendously, not only for us but also draws attention of vehicles heading towards us. The volume control helps us control the battery consumption considering Indian conditions.

If you can shell out that much of cash just for lights. This is the product to buy.

Post Installation:

Well after a whole six months or riding with the lights we are extremely happy with the lights. We also realize the importance of a drip loop ( for water to drip) right behind the lights.

Another thing we found out that we connected the wiring so that the light remains on in Full beam was that the intermittent position between the High beam and the low beam makes the lights on similar to pass button i.e High Beam and Darlas on Full. Similar to the pass switch gives at full intensity. Just so you remember what we are talking about in this connection the High beam ( Darlas also on) gives us an option to control the power output with the control switch. The low beam has the light off. So this intermittent position ( if you manage to put the light switch in the centre ) give you the pass setting without having to hold the pass switch manually.

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