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Well in India its compulsory to have a number plate on the front and rear of the bike. The company does provide a bracket to accommodate the rules but the front license plate is certainly not on the good looking places of the bike so what then ?

Well there are various bonneville number plate options available, we are trying to list some of the few possible places where they can be put. There may be further customised for sizes, shapes and location but more or less this is what is being done.

Road Transport permissible ones are the ones that conform with the location, colour and size guidelines.

  1. Standard above the headlight :The location is right above the headlight. Perfectly visible and confirming to the laws. There is not much the cops can complain about in any state that you visit. Size is certainly a restriction and even though looks are a matter of personal preference but it just kills look when its placed there.Bonneville-Number-Plate-Standard
  2. Classic on the fenders : These can be done in a few ways. The one where the registration number is not visible from front but the sides and the ones where the registration is visible from the front placed on the similar fashion only facing differently .Classic-Bonneville-Number-Plate
  3. Retro an in front of the rectifier : Well this position does have it looks. No doubt about it. Infact most custom bikes sold in India by the dealerships or otherwise place the number plate in this location. It does come in front of the rectifier so make sure enough space is left of the air to flow. The space would be determined by the size of the pate. We sell this number plate for bonneville online. Check it out. 1383741_833106436746843_4908628338949687005_n
  4. Slick sticker/paint job of the fender : Well it does look nice in most cases and is the easiest way if you want to just have it there as a reason to be following the laws ( at least partially )

Image courtesy various riders and Triumph Motorcycles India. ( Please report us if there is issue with the photos)

Anyways here are the rules that would be helpful if you do decide that you need to stick to the law. Which we strongly recommend you do.


How to Display Registration Marks on Motor Vehicles?

(Rule 50 & 51 of Central Motor Vehicles Rule 1989)

Where should registration numbers be displayed on motor vehicles?

  1. The registration mark shall be displayed both at the front and rear of all motor vehicles clearly and legibly.
  2. In the case of motorcycles registration numbers in the front shall be displayed parallel to handle bar on any part of the vehicle such as mudguard or on a plate in a line.
  3. Registration number exhibited at the rear of the transport vehicles shall be on the right hand side at a height not exceeding one meter from ground level as may be reasonably possible.

How should registration mark be displayed on motor vehicles?

  1. The letters of the registration mark shall be in English and figures in Aerobic numerals.
  2. In case of other vehicles such as private cars, scooters and motor cycles registration mark shall be in Black colour on White back ground.
  3. The registration number shall be exhibited in two lines ; the state code (AP) and registering authority code forming the first line and the remaining number in second line, below the first line.
  4. The registration mark of all motor vehicles in the front and two wheelers having no sufficient provision at the rear may be exhibited in single line.

Size of Number Plates:

1. For two and three wheelers : 200 x 100 mm



  • There are ammendenments as per state laws and central laws. Please check with your local office to verify these details.

PS: – Picture courtesy various Triumph riders in India.

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