How to properly brake on a motorcycle

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While there is no “right” or “wrong” way to brake, there is certainly a optimal way of braking and that’s what we will be discussing in this article. So here are the basics on how we think is an effective way to brake; but then one has to customise the technique depending on the driving technique he feels would work out for himself.

Science behind it;the basics :

You are on the ground with two tyres connecting you to the surface :p. Common sense right! The traction between the road and the tyre is what makes you stop. Now mind it the traction should not be confused with skidding. You want to be braking just enough that the wheels motion does not stop/lock. Thats why bikes have abs, ebs and other skid preventive measures. You need to feel the bikes braking to decide how much pressure you have one those brakes.

What do you have in your control that can be used to brake?

  • The front brakes
  • The rear brakes
  • Engine braking

We think its wise to use all three equally and what we mean by this is the output of braking mechanism that we apply.

When one would closely look at the brake discs it can be easily noticed that the front discs are usually larger than the rear discs. What does that tell you? That for the same amount of hand/foot pressure would lead the front discs to stop faster than the rear discs. So, there is something for you think about. The fronts can much more easily lock themselves and cause a catastrophic accident in comparison to the rear wheels locking where the weight of the bike is behind you if you do end up skidding once the wheels lock.

This is what we plan to do in the head and then the rest is evasive manuver/practice. We try to brake equally using the three ways we have; the engine and the discs. The only thing is we have to be artistic in knowing how much of force to apply to achieve this. We downshift, brake on the pedal and the hands and a constant continuos pace that you need to figure as per the situation. Not just that you want to be careful about the circumstance you are in. For example:

  • A slow traffic area where both the feet are pegged down on the ground the resort is the front brakes for controlled, stable and comfortable.
  • When on turns use the front brakes carefully.
  • Being careful with the front brakes at times when you are accelerating, decelerating or may be even airborne cause its easy to lock the front discs.

During a emergency: We always prefer using the rear brakes at a higher percentage than the front brakes while we use the front brakes to whatever capacity we feel safe to ensure they don’t lock. For some of us we use our legs to balance our weight for others engine braking is still an option.

PS: If you have tips or idea please leave it on the comment section and we will be more than happy to accommodate it in the article.

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