Auxiliary LED light options for motorcycles

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So there are plenty of options and information available out there and all we are going to do on this list is mention the brands and things you need to look out for.

Buying guide for Auxiliary lights for motorcycles. To cover the highlights:-

  1. Lumens : Amount of visible light output at a certain point and distance. ( The amount of light at a certain distance) View more of how lumens are measured.
  2. Watt: Power consumption of the LED.
  3. Light colour : What colour is throws. Usually measured in K. Understand the colour range that works best for your needs. Read more about color temprature of lighting.
  4. Casing : Water proof, dust proof what all.Like: IP-68 water/dust protection rating. It helps you know how much of Environment prood your lights are
  5. Wiring: Length, quality, etc.Especially the connectors, etc.
  6. Dimming: Is it dimmable. Different techniques to dim the lights including Pulse Width modulation etc which help save watt consumption when you dim down rather than just reduce the lumens.
  7. Switch: On off switch etc, triggering wiring and the circuitry inside
  8. Angle of Beam: The spread and the technicalities. ( Wide, Flood, Spot, Combo etc)
  9. Hours: Life of the LED bulb.
  10. Accessories available: Amber color fitting, lens cover to change beam, safeguard it etc

Some important factors from a combination of terms that decide the overall light experience:-

  1. Lumens per watt, also known as efficacy ( Lumens/Watt/Cost)


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